About Us

About Us

We are India's first specialised portal that offers professional services to help you choose, accessorize and tie a saree. In other words, for women visiting India, we complete your Indian experience. We are a corporate entity. Just contact us and our fashion stylists will drop in with a range of sarees, accessories (bangles, ear rings, bindi, blouses) and everything else you may need, to turn out like an Indian beauty.

Who can use our services?

Any woman who wants to look her best in a saree. You could be visiting India, or you could be living here. Any woman who has less time on her hand, and yet wants to look her very best. That's where we come in. We take the pain out of getting dressed like an Indian beauty.

Quality Policy & Other Services

Quality Policy

We have a strong focus on professionalism and hygiene. Our fashion consultants would meet you and show you all the stuff and then proceed to tie a saree professionally. The fee we charge covers all accessories. You can either rent our saree (though for reasons of hygiene, we do not take back the blouse and petticoat), or keep the entire ensemble. We take pride in our punctuality, and professionalism.

Other Services

We also create grooming solutions for corporates. If you are organizing a conference or taking part in an exhibition, and you want your female staff to look their best, we create customized uniforms and help the staff wear it professionally.

People Behind the company

People Behind the company


An advertising professional who has spend years with global agencies. A creative director across medias. Now an entrepreneur pursuing his interests across communication, fitness and fashion.


Lover of Indian handicrafts and a saree connoisseur herself. Tripti is a seasoned professional who has worked across India, US and UK and is now living in Delhi. Her heart beats for Indian arts and crafts and she is an authority on sarees, handlooms and handicrafts. Follow her facebook page and know her versatile personality.


Marketing and communications strategist with years in the corporate world. Now, full-time entrepreneur running an advertising agency, a digital agency and various other ventures including tiemysaree.